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I am a UN humanitarian Aid worker who is stationed in Liberia. I am responsible for providing aid to women, men and children in surrounding IDP camps. As you know, there is conflict in this area and when there is conflict the people of the country suffer. UN troops might prove to quiet the conflict. The Lebanese and Israelis must be kept apart.

It has become clear to me that women especially suffer when conflict ensues. Women seem to be particularly vulnerable during conflict times. This could be because they are physically smaller and weaker than the men and their safety depends on social bonds. Conflict disrupts those social bonds leaving women vulnerable.

It is clear that something must be done but it is important that we understand the social set-up of their society before implementing anything. We must record whether or not men and women need to be separated, where the children reside, and what activities different genders are involved in. After noting this we can set up living arrangements for those whom are displaced because of conflict but NOT before. This could lead to more issues especially for the women who must obey the rules of their society even to their own detriment.

Doctors seem to be a necessity as well.  Rape seems to be a serious issue during conflict as well. Women in refugee camps and in the military are especially vulnerable. This is also something that must be reported seeing as how rape is sometimes left out of reports.  PTSD is a common effect of rape and having a mental health professional might minimize the mental damage. Due to ethnic cleansing sometimes AIDS is purposefully spread. Clearly a doctor would be needed for that as well.

I hope you find my suggestions helpful

All the best

Solution to horror: what I do think will work

We noted in class that, for whatever reason, reality television has become increasingly popular.
psychology looked at fans and nonfans to see if their wa s a ‘type’ that watched reality tv.
No there wasn’t. Intelligent and nonintelligent were just as like to watch and so were sociable and nonsociable people.

I have noted an interestingly similar trend in horror movies.

since Paranormal activity came out in 2007 there have been a stream of horror mokumentaries coming out.

parnormal entity

death of a ghost hunter


Of course some thought this was a ripoff of “The Blair witch project”
others reminded us of an obsucre film “in memoriam” whcih contianed footage found in “Paranormal activity”

Whatever the reason, there is a trend in horror towards reality and it is this trend that we can utilize when using horror to challange rape culture. What theatergoers apparently want is to not know where fear of fantasy ends and fear of reality begins. They don’t want to check under their bed for monsters. It seems people are ready to deal with the horror outside the movie theater.

Zombie films like “Quarentine” make this especially clear. The government is willing to expand those trapped in the building for the good of society. The film is echoing what people are afraid of; the system they live in will put itself above you. It will gladly sacrfice you to save itself.

We can use this trend towards reality to comment on the system instead of meerly making females stronger.

sean of the dead. showing how zombie films are often symbolic for what soceity creates

New media provides the perfect opportunity.
The way “Blair witch project” marketed itself using new media should be used as a model for how we could use it to promote our feminism horror.

the trialor made the film look real
and the website encouraged that belief
you can see blog after blog asking each other “was it real”

It seems that people who see horror are willing to believe that what they are seeing could be true. Usually we must deal with an audience that wants to believe that evil happens to evil people. Victim-blaming comes from this way of thinking. “the world is good so you were bad or stupid.” We are dealing with the polar opposite type of people.

Using horror we can get people to the first step: realizing the reality of rape culture. We can claim horror as our own tool of fear; but this time people will know what to really be scared of.

Porn. i needed a blog post on it

I recall a time when my college sets up “tabling” (a clubs chance to had out fliers and speak about their mission statement) in a unique matter. They decided to put three activist groups right on top of each other; the Muslim group, the LGBT group, and the women’s coalition group.


Inevitably there were some disagreement among the groups and interesting conversations ensued. One of the members of the queer group came up and made a fascinating point. He said he found it odd that pornography seems to be the one thing that the Christian Right and the feminist movement had sided on.

Being relatively new to feminism and coming from a catholic background where pornography was never even a thought in my head I stayed silent during the conversation and just listened to what the members of the group had to say. They said that they had no problem with pornography as long as the people involved are not dehumanized. It sounded like a solid enough argument to me.          

It is by definition impossible, at least according to Helen E Longino and Diane E H Russell, to treat people humanly in pornography. Longino tells us that in the oxford dictionary pornography is defined as “description of the life manners, ect of prostitutes and their patrons meaning harlot hence the expression or suggestion of obscene  unchaste subjects in literature or art. So the definition of pornography according to Russell, Logino and feminists like them, is verbal or pictorial representation of sexual behavior that degrades or demeans portrayal of the role and status of the human female. It views her as a sexual object to be exploited and manipulated.          

Not all porn demeans women, one may argue. The counter to that argument would then be, if it doesn’t demean it isn’t porn. You need a different definition for it, maybe sexual explicit material or perhaps erotica. The demeaning aspect of pornography is necessary for it to be labeled as such.

porn vs erotica

This is obviously a big threat to woman. It reinforces negative gender roles; men as the dominator and subject, and woman as the passive submitter who can only gain pleasure through pleasuring man      

   Unfortunately the damages of pornography go even deeper then reinforcing negative gender roles. It can actually lead to violence against women. Russel did her own research and found that 10% of the women she interviewed in San Fransisco said the men they were with wanted to perform some sort of violent sexual act; the ideas of which originated from a porno they watched. Worse then originating the idea pornography can be reinforces ideas like rape/violence and even legitimizing it. Russel gives an example of a fake dr’s article in “rape agony or ecstasy?” where the writer tells the audience that Rape is actually enjoyable for women and that the assaults and aftereffects are in fact not all that traumatic.         

  Some proponents of pornography may want to claim the 1st amendment defense, arguing that pornography is protected under freedom of speech. Just as it is illegal to yell fire in a crowded theatre (the logic being that people will get hurt) this should follow with some bogus article undermining the seriousness of rape and adding to out American Rape culture. Other forms of speech or not protected; incitement to violence, misrepresentations, slander, false advertising…(pornography could fit under many of these non protected forms of speech)

needless to mention that the internet has made porn increasingly avialable

solution to sexism in science Part three

Logino gives a simple answer to the problem of making science more objective: we need more women involved in science!

Logino describes science as a social practice instead of a practice by indviduals. This is made clear by Majorie Green whom discusses that scientist rely on each other for education and instruments. Now adays knowledge is expanding in more of a rapid way than ever before. information can be dispelled to future students long befor they step into a classroom. – a 5 year old can begin to gain the instruments.

The key to objectivity in science does not just lie in gaining knowledge but also in evaluating and changing the data that the community has gathered. People are flawed and bound to make mistakes (we reviewed some of those in the last blog) but through a diverse community all the peopel will not have the same bias.

So to fix sexism we must get more women involved.
To fix racism we need all races represented.
and so on.
the greater the number of different points of view included in a community, the more likely its scientific practices will be objective

From our first blog you can probably see a minor problem with this solution. at present science is exclusionary to women. Looking at aspiring female scientist online confirms this face. The science community wants to keep itself male. with men being more likely to be hired

Lukily with new media women can arm themselves. It used to be that to be initiated into science you had to be accepted and taught by a person. As we see above there are clever blogs and activities ensuring that anyonw can get a basic initiation into science.

This isn’t nearly enough but it is a start. New media can serve as the catalyst for women to enter the field and catch onto andocentric biases.

Sexism in science: how exactly does it affect me? PArt two

So science isn’t objective.
In fact, it can be quite sexist.

The examples form Orkulk’s essay talks about the history though….what could be sexist about current scientific practices?
I browsed blogs to examine this sexism and to show how easy it is to arm yourself with knowledge today.
First: concerning women who wish to be involved with science
“isn’t it like a women to get scare of a few little bugs” Rachel Carson wrote about agricultural pesticides and the response was to call her a “hysterical spinster”
2.) in this stidy they found that “both male and female professors consistently regarded the female applicant as less competent”
3.) if this is supposed to represent women in science I am not surprised…

4.) since they are in a weaker position they are more likely to have their ideas stolen

Jolyn Bell Burner is brilliant and had her ideas stolen by an adviser when she was just an undergrad

Next: for the women who science should benefit

1.) We have discussed it before but I think nothing points towards sexism in science more than this new disease PMDD. I am willing to learn if I have falsely decided this disease to be a construction of the patriarachy but for now it seems like a way to medaclize being female and control it as well

since science has been male dominated(and is) men have been used as the model for what it is to be human leading to see female specific life occurrences as a disease.


women are more likely to DIE from heart attacks than men are. They are less likely to report for fear of  ‘bothering’ someone. They are also less likely to recognize symptoms because they are different for men and women but symptoms for men are the one most readily advertised

3.) the scorn of my chosen method for birth.
I am only 22 and don’t plan on have children for many years but this is still a fight I have with my family. I don’t want to go to a hospital because I don’t like the way we give birth in America. I don’t want to be drugged and put in a position for a doctor’s convenience. I want to have a natural birth among loved friends and family. Unfortunately my loved ones say this is a crazy irresponsible desire. “You need to be in a hospital!” or “What if something goes wrong?” For hundreds of years births were natural and someone our species has continued to survive. They don’t realize that this thought pattern is coming form the orign that men do not give birth and so this is some sort of disease that requires hospitalization. I told them I would get chekced reguarly before the due date and would know if there was a reasonable chance of complcaitions I have introduced them to countless friedns who have given birth in this way but I am still irresponsible.